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Causeway Mechanical Services

CAUSEWAY INSTALLATION DIVISION provides a dedicated world-wide service to the refining petrochemical and power industries and has been operating successfully for over twenty years, installing the full range of mechanical anchorage and armour systems. Initially formed as a service branch to install all types and grades of lining support systems produced by CAUSEWAY STEEL PRODUCTS LIMITED, the division has expanded dramatically of late to meet the ever increasing scope of technical, quality and project management demands.

The division maintains a team of proven qualified personnel with extensive experience in all aspects of mechanical and refractory applications and a contracts management group of many years standing, well versed in field operations. This full team offers clients a round-the-clock responsive service, the effectiveness of which has been proven on many occasions in the United Kingdom, Europe and world-wide, where rapid reaction has been a priority.

From the procurement of mechanical materials and consumables, provision of specialised installation plant, skilled welding personnel and site management through to complete written analysis of procedures, codes and methodology, CAUSEWAY INSTALLATION DIVISION offers the client a comprehensive, yet compact service package which will obviate the need for contracting concerns.