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Specialised Fabrications

Specialised Grids
The basis of CAUSEWAY’s manufacturing programme is production presswork utilising high speed presswork utilising high speed presses from 10 to 120 tonnes to pierce, form, crop and punch strip materials from 1mm to 6mm thick and up to 150mm wide.

As a proprietary product utilising mechanical presses, CAUSEWAY produce a mechanically locked grid to be used primarily as an open steel grating.

Its method of production allows grids to be manufactured from materials as diverse as carbon steel and high nickel alloys.

Material limitations depend only on the mechanical properties of the metals specified to allow forming and piercing during production and provide adequate mechanical stability in service.

Radiation Decking
Offshore production platform flare tower, heat and acoustic shielding, manufactured for the protection of flare tower structural steelwork and rig personnel from the heat and noise of the flared gasses.

Manufactured in both high nickel alloys and austenitic stainless steels to meet the arduous conditions of temperature and the corrosive operating environment of an offshore platform. Radiation decking can be provided to client’s own design or from proven designs, utilising either reflective or insulating tiles to achieve the desired protection.

Incinerator and Reactor Catalyst Support Grids

Fabrications using standard CAUSEWAY designs for light and heavy weight grids, manufactured in stainless and high nickel alloys, square, rectangular and hexagonal aperture, welded and mechanically locked construction.

Fabrication of single items up to three tonnes unit weight are undertaken in our own workshops. Materials of manufacture extend from Cr Mo Steels to High Nickel Alloys, in a range of thicknesses. ASME Coded Manual and Semi-Automatic Welding is undertaken in-house by CAUSEWAY’s trained workshop force.

CAUSEWAY’s QA/QC department ensures that purpose raised Inspection and Test Plans are actioned to ensure that conformity to Drawings, Codes, Specifications and Client operating staff hold current certification to enable them to undertake required welding. NDE utilising Radiographic, Ultrasonic, MPI and DPE are initiated on required contracts by accredited CSWIP contracted Inspectors.

All detail and Engineering Drawing, Material Schedules etc are produced utilising the latest Computer Aided Drawing systems to ensure accuracy.

CNC 3Dimensional Wire Forming
Causeway offer sub-contract 3 dimensional wire forming utilising 5 axis multihead computer controlled production equipment.

We operate in a range from 3mm to 10mm diameter wires and in a range of materials to suit.

Attainable accuracy during production:-  Feed Length    = 0.05mm
                                                          Radial forming  = 0.02

The versatility of CNC production equipment allows:-

  • Repeatable accuracy on difficult 3 dimensional shapes.

  • Just in time manufacture due to short programming and set up times.

  • A capability of shaping successive different products or similar products in small batches.

  • Prototype, short and medium production runs on a cost effective basis.

Enquiries for item manufacture within the above range are welcomed.


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